Hamburg Information

Hamburg has many faces: it is a centre of trade and industry, a port city, a media metropolis, a university city, an arts centre, a shopping paradise and a leisure capital. Hamburg is Germany's second biggest city (following Berlin), with a population of 1.7 million. One of the major factors in its international significance is its port, and the world wide trading links associated with it. The city itself is over a thousand years old, and the port celebrated its 800th anniversary in 1989.

Trade and industry are particularly prominent here. Hamburg is home to many large German companies and numerous foreign corporations, making it Germany's leading centre for foreign trade. Its range of industries is extremely broad, including aerospace (second only to Seattle in aircraft production), electrical and mechanical engineering, food and beverages, the coffee, tea and tobacco industries and many, many more. It is a leading major banking and insurance centre.

Hamburg is a lively centre of international diplomatic activities: Apart from New York, there is no other city in the whole world that has as many consulates as Hamburg. And that is not all. Hamburg is also Germany's media capital with a strong presence of the magazine and newspaper press, TV, radio, new media, PR and advertising.
The city also maintains and cultivates its prominent position in the arts, with a wide range of theatres, the State Opera House, museums and art galleries offering a constantly changing programme of international standing.
The city centre exerts a tremendous appeal on locals and visitors alike, and is particularly noted for its sophisticated shopping arcades and malls in a delightfully civilised setting.

The leisure facilities in and around the city are exceptional, deriving much of their character from lake and riverside views of the Elbe and Alster (with more bridges in Hamburg than in Venice !). The city itself is endowed with extensive parks and green spaces, and it is also a good centre for touring to attractive sites within easy reach. For more details about Hamburg, please follow the following links,

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