The papers presented at the summit and inputs from the participants and keynote speakers will be captured and transformed into a working document, which will serve as a basis for the development of guidelines and practical implementation. Selected papers of a high quality will be jointly submitted to an international peer-reviewed journal for publication.

Submissions are accepted only in electronic form. You are not required to submit the full text of your presentation in response to the Call for Papers. Presentations (and proposals) are required to be in English, French or German. The abstract accompanying your proposal should be in the same language as the proposed presentation. None of the languages is preferred.

Once the deadline for submissions has passed, the organising committee will evaluate the submitted abstracts based on content, form, and suitability for the event. The organising committee has full authority to reject any proposal. Furthermore, the decision of the organising committee is final.

The authors of the accepted presentations or proposals will be notified, and are expected to submit a full written version of the presentation (about ten pages) before the deadline for inclusion in the summit catalogue. This written version is in addition to any presentation slides, which may also be submitted if desired. If the paper diverges substantially in form or content from the abstract submitted, the organising committee reserves the right to reject the presentation at any time. In the event of such rejection, the author is in no way entitled to make a presentation at the summit. Papers should be submitted in MS Word or Open Office format. Authors who submit papers only in another format, such as HTML, PDF, Text or a proprietary format, may not enjoy the full privileges of the summit. The authors of accepted papers or proposals will be provided with detailed instructions and will be expected to use them.


  • Papers will be selected based on the following criteria:
  • Relevance to the conference theme
  • Overview of the current situation in the field
  • Discussion of appropriate examples related to the major topics
  • Practical applicability of solutions/approaches discussed
  • Clarity of writing and communication of ideas
  • Discussion of theoretical and practical framework or principal concepts.

Presentations are scheduled for 30 minutes (including 10 minutes for discussion)

Manuscript Preparation
The full paper should be submitted by January 31st, 2008. The paper must be submitted electronically in A4 size format, with a word count of 5000-7000, including references. One and a half line spacing and a wide margin (3cm) on the left with other margins 2cm. Font: Arial with font size 12 point. All pages must be numbered. The preferred word processing program is Microsoft's Word or Word for Windows. Figures in the final accepted manuscript may be included in the electronic text file and also provided as separate files, but must also be accompanied by high-resolution hard copy printout. All papers must be written in UK English, if English is not your first language, please ask an English-speaking colleague to proofread your paper.

References and Notes
The referencing style is Harvard (name and date) short reference system for citations in the text with a detailed alphabetical list at the end of the paper. For example ‘Hamel (2000) suggests...' or ‘Nonaka and Takeuchi (1995) found that...' or ‘A study of economic change (Nelson and Winter, 1982) has shown that...'
Footnotes should be avoided, but any short, succinct notes making a specific point, may be placed in number order following the alphabetical list of references. References should be made only to works that are published, accepted for publication (not merely ‘submitted'), or available through libraries or institutions. A note regarding availability should qualify any other source. Full reference should include all authors' names and initials, date of publication, title of paper, title of publication (italics), volume and issue number (of a journal), publisher and form (books, conference proceedings), page numbers.

All illustrations whether diagrams or photographs are referred to as Figures and are numbered sequentially. Please place them at the end of the paper, rather than interspersed in text. Originals of line diagrams will be reduced and used directly, so please prepare them to the highest possible standards. Bear in mind that lettering may be reduced in size by a factor of 2 or 3, and that fine lines may disappear. Electronic copies of the figures are also required.

In order to be considered for acceptance, each paper or proposal submitted will be under unrestricted, non-exclusive rights of publication in electronic and other forms (including CD-ROM, DVD, web sites, and print media) to NEPAD Council and its associates. Authors may choose from a list of formats available that fulfills their requirements. Titles, abstracts and information about the authors (name, biographical sketch, etc.) will be published in the summit program, on the web site as well as in other documents, as soon as the submissions have been accepted by the organising committee. By submitting a paper or proposal you express your consent to such publication. Submissions that are subject to any restrictions or reservations, such as non-disclosure agreements for example, cannot be considered and will not be evaluated. All other submissions will be evaluated according to various criteria set by the organising committee.

The submissions and their contents will be treated confidentially until the proposal has been accepted. The evaluations will be kept in strict confidence, and will only be made available to members of the organising committee. The committee will endeavour to give each author feedback on the evaluation of his submission, as time permits or even attempt to explain the results of individual evaluations.

Important dates/deadlines
Submission of abstract December 1st, 2007
Submission of full paper January 31st, 2008
Summit duration: April 28th - 30th, 2008
Conference/workshops: April 28th - 30th, 2008
Exhibition April 28th - 30th, 2008
Last date of registration April 24th, 2008
Please note that should your paper be selected for submission to a journal you may be required to amend your paper with respect to journal requirements. All deadlines are at 23:59 UTC.

The Summit organising committee reserves the right to revoke invitations if the deadlines are not met.

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